SEX PLANET - The Motion Comic


From the motion comics I've been privy to, I feel that most executions fail. It's a poor substitute for animation and corrupts the virtues of the static, sequential graphic rather than enhances. However, my rejection of motion comics is what challenged me to revisit the concept when Daniel Kramer offered to direct and produce a version of BILLY DOGMA in "Sex Planet." I think our solution splits the difference between comix proper and moving pictures with sound. If anything, our motion comic compliments the source material while adding a new dimension to the reading/viewing experience. It helps set a pace and acknowledges the power of comics that could otherwise be overlooked in our daily haste.

Bleeding Cool debuted SEX PLANET online: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2010/11/08/debut-dean-haspiels-billy-sex-dogma-motion-comic/

Motion Comics reviews SEX PLANET:

"I certainly think there is a greater emphasis on the source comic book text with this adaptation. Daniel Kramer’s approach allows the action to slowly reveal each panel or scene over time and the voiceover integrates seamlessly with the unfolding visual narrative. There is less emphasis on character motion and more emphasis on the tone and mood of the story’s sexual drive.

As a reader of comic books, I appreciate the inclusion of the multi-panel scenes within a motion comic. It strikes a balance between the lexicon of comic book language and the time-based medium it’s using to convey motion."


Our experiment to go from online to offset concludes as BRAWL #3, culling IMMORTAL and PANORAMA [Part One] from the cyberscape of act_i_vate, goes on sale today at finer comix shoppes.

BRAWL #3 [of 3] Mature Readers
Post-coital mania tears the bloom off the rose in this final installment of Haspiel and Fiffe's tour de force of love and pain as Billy Dogma battles the lesser half of his better half in hopes of making everything wrong go right, and Panorama's Augustus escapes the madness of a double-cross with a twist ending you never expected to see in comix.
32pg. | $2.99 | LIMITED SERIES